2020 developer of end-to-end interior design and manufacturing software solutions for residential and commercial spaces, released an update to its kitchen design software.

The new release of 2020 Design version 11 features more than 300 Wilsonart countertop textures and approximately 1,500 Sherwin-Williams paint colors, IES lighting profiles and a new Sketch rendering mode. Also, this latest update includes the addition of more than 100 new mouldings to its generic catalogue liberary, as well as expands the library’s collection of toe kicks and corbels.

Additionally, three new wizards were added to streamline the design process for door and window, cabinet door and customer material.

Software details include:

Lighting – IES profiles are files that describe the overall spread of light in space for a specific light source. Many manufacturers provide IES profiles for their lighting products on their websites. Using IES profiles, designers can replicate the true lighting visual effect of the lights in their designs as the lighting occurs in a real room.

New Rendering Sketch Mode – A new rendering sketch mode renders in a format that resembles a hand-drawn sketch. This mode will render designs very quickly and provides another way for designers to present their ideas to clients

Window and Door Wizard – 2020 Design v11 uses a new door and window wizard to provide designers with the flexibility to create custom doors and window frame/glass combinations.

Customized Material Wizard – The enhanced Custom Material Wizard opens up opportunity for designers to use the most realistic imported textures in their designs. Imported textures can now more easily be edited and deleted, and they can be saved to quickly be reused on additional 3D objects and in the designer’s future projects

300-plus new releases of Wilsonart abstract, solid, stone and woodgrain counter top textures.

New Sherwin-Williams paint and textures – Over 7,000 new paint textures and five different finishes have been added to 2020 Design. Paint colors in 2020 Design can be matched to the actual manufacturer colors at retail locations and provide clients with  realistic designs. It’s simply one of the top design software tools on the market today.