Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom fixtures are a great place to make a bold statement. Whether the design is sleek and minimal, or bold and bright, there are bathroom faucets to suit every design. With the vast choice and wide price range, choosing the right faucet can be overwhelming. We’ll help to guide you through the available options until you find a design that perfectly suits your style and needs.


When considering the function of a sink faucet, there are two main types of faucets available; wall mounted and deck mounted. Wall mounted faucets attach directly to the wall above a wall mounted sink. Conversely, deck mounted faucets are attached to the sink surface itself, whether that is a pedestal sink or a sink basin set into a cabinet.

From a functional standpoint, consider whether a single handle or two handle faucet better fits the design of the bathroom. A single handle faucet may be easier to manipulate and can offer a sleek look, but a two handle faucet can provide more temperature control which is extremely important in the bathroom.


The faucet is a key focal feature, so this is a chance to really make a statement. Delta bathroom faucets come in a wide variety of finishes and styles. If the bathroom calls for a modern and simplistic design, Grohe bathroom faucets feature a sophisticated European inspired style.

Kohler faucets now have a new line of products, called the Artifacts Collection, which feature fixtures inspired by turn-of-the-century design, perfect to capture the popular farmhouse look.


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